7 Small Laundry Room Design Ideas

Sometimes, you need a laundry room at home. Unfortunately, not all people have enough space for a laundry room. Actually, you can make it even with small space. Small laundry room is not a problem since it is still functional, well-organized and well-equipped. Therefore, in this article we will guide you to make a laundry room in small space.

How to Design a Small Laundry Room

There are many small laundry room ideas that will meet your needs. Here are the design ideas you can consider:

Laundry & Mudroom

Incorporating with a mudroom can be considered as one of the best design ideas for a laundry room with a small space. This idea is not only sensible but also traffic smart especially when you need more space to hang & dry clothes. The light green color scheme is perfect for your laundry room. It does not only create fresh and clean look but also airy feel.

Multi-purpose Laundry Room Island

If you are a hard worker, this multi-purpose laundry room island may be the best plan for you. In this idea, you need to have a folding table, storage, and ironing board in one. This is also wheeled for space flexibility and maximum room. From this, we all know that having multi-purposed Laundry Room Island does not always need big space.

White & Organized Laundry Room

When it comes to color, white is always the best. As we know, white creates the illusion of the bigger space and expands the room. Besides that, the laundry room should also be well-organized. This small laundry room design comes with a stacked washer & dryer, ironing board, folding station, sink, and plenty of storage. But do not worry! It just takes half a wall of the space.

Laundry Closet

Even with small space, you do not need the whole room for the laundry. Laundry closet is more than accessible, sufficient & easy to hide. The most important thing here is to create a well-sized laundry closet.

Laundry & Craft Room

It is a good idea to incorporate your laundry into a craft room. So, you will not feel bored waiting in-between loads. You will not feel that how long you wash the clothes using the wash machine. Besides that, the craft table will also double as a folding station.

Compact Off-the-Wall Laundry

A wall is very vital for your laundry room. In this idea, we recommend you to have this compact off-the-wall laundry. To create this one, you will need ample storage, a folding station, and a full-sized washer & dryer.

Small Hallway Laundry

A landing nook or a hallway may be excellent for your laundry. This small hallway nook transforms into a laundry. This is compact as well as well-equipped. To make everything accessible, you may need double doors. It also hides your laundry when it is not in use. Anyway, this small laundry room is really flexible. That is why it is recommended so much.

Description: Small laundry room can be created in different designs. Here are some of the most recommended design ideas to make a laundry room with small space.

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